As a program, what instructions should I add within the description box when I request a document type within my program description?

Instructions provided by programs for additional documents should include a description of your specific requests for the document (if any).

How to obtain the document and instructions on how to upload a document are specified by CaRMS. This will ensure that all programs provide the same information to applicants regarding obtaining and uploading these documents, consistent with our current communications and policies.

Sometimes documents are standardized nationally and a program cannot make a specific request for their content.

Standardized instructions are described for the documents below:

Medical transcript

Your medical school transcript can be submitted through one of the methods below:

  1. Obtain your medical transcript from your school and upload it directly to your CaRMS Online account. Follow your school’s policy regarding accessing or requesting your transcript;
  2. Ask your medical school to upload your medical transcript through their CaRMS Undergraduate Portal account; or
  3. International (IMGs) and United States (USMGs) medical graduates can transfer their transcript from their account.


For current year Canadian medical graduates (CMGs), there is no action required from you. Your medical school will automatically submit your MSPR to CaRMS on your behalf for you to assign.

For International (IMGs) and United States (USMGs) medical graduates, you can submit your MSPR through either of the methods below:

  1. Upload your MSPR directly into your CaRMS Online account; or
  2. Ask your medical school to upload your MSPR through their CaRMS Undergraduate Portal account.

If your MSPR is in a language other than the program language of English or French, you are required to have the document translated.  

CASPer assessment

Your CASPer assessment result is sent directly to CaRMS from Acuity Insights approximately one week prior to the application deadline. Please ensure that you give Acuity Insights permission to share your results with CaRMS.

The CASPer assessment is only valid for one admissions cycle. If you have taken the assessment in a previous year, you are expected to re-take it. To register for the CASPer assessment visit


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