How do I apply to CaRMS if I am an IMG?

If you are and International Medical Graduate and wish to apply for residency positions in Canada, you must first ensure you are eligible to do so.

As an IMG, to be eligible to participate for the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) match, you must be attending or have graduated from a school listed with the World Directory of Medical Schools ( and

  1. Must have written and passed the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE - The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) exams do not substitute for the MCC;

  2. Must have written and passed the NAC exam, which is also administered by the MCC, and can only be taken after the completion of the MCCEE ( The latest you can take the NAC is the same September you wish to participate in the match.

  3. Must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. Visa holders are not eligible.

Please contact the Medical Council of Canada ( for more information on exam schedules, registering, and documentation required.

The above-mentioned criteria are the basic requirements to allow you to participate in the CaRMS match and are not necessarily the only criteria to apply for positions within the different provinces. At this link ( you will find the provincial criteria section of the CaRMS website. Criteria listed under a given province in this section will apply to all programs within that province. It is your responsibility to ensure you have read the information provided under the provincial restrictions to meet all the necessary requirements when applying for the programs of your choice.

To see a list of available programs for the R-1, please click here: Each program is solely responsible for application and document criteria. Each program will indicate what documents are required, which exams need to be passed and which provincial assessments are preferred. You should also check the provincial criteria of the province in which the program is found as well.

Registration begins in August of a given year.


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