Can my referee send a reference letter before a match opens?

Applicants can request a letter of reference from a referee prior to the match opening. Follow the instructions below:

1. Fill out the Early Letter of Reference Form (ELOR) and give it to your referee. The form can be found on our website, here: 

2. The letter of reference and the original form (ELOR) must be mailed to CaRMS prior to the match opening here:

CaRMS - Document Centre
171 Nepean Street, Suite 101
Ottawa, ON
K2P 0B4

3. CaRMS will receive both documents by mail and will send you an email confirming that we are in possession of your letter and you will be asked to create a request for it in your CaRMS Online account when the match is open.

4. Once the match is open and you have created the reference request in your CaRMS Online account, you are required to reply to the email and include the reference ID number provided once you have created the request online. Please note that your reference letter will not be uploaded into your account until you have sent us your reference ID number by e-mail at


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