Can I make changes to a submitted rank order list?

Even after submitting your Rank Order List (ROL) you can make changes to it so long as it is before the rank order list deadline. Click on the "Edit" option and re-submit your ROL once you have made your changes. Note that submitting is a two-step process that requires you to "Submit" and then "Confirm". 

If you were unable to re-submit your ROL after using the “Edit” option and the deadline has passed, CaRMS will use your ROL that was previously submitted before you used the “Edit” option.

If you select the “Unsubmit” option, it will remove all ranks and you will need to start ranking again. It will not save your previously submitted rank list.

If you’re ranking as a couple, you will not have the “Edit” option. However, you can save the ranking as a draft and make changes to it before submitting your rank list.


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