Should I submit a rank order list if I didn't get invited for any interviews?

If an applicant has not received any interview invitations from any of the programs they have submitted applications to, they can choose one of the following options:

1. Submit a Rank Order List

The Rank Order List section within CaRMS Online is not currently linked to applicant interview attendance. Therefore, applicants have the ability to still submit a rank order list, even if they were not contacted for any interviews.

2. Participate in the second iteration (R-1 match only)

This option may be used in cases where applicants don't wish to submit a rank order list in the first iteration.

In order to move directly into the second iteration, applicants must first withdraw from the first iteration. This allows you to participate in the second iteration earlier but must be done prior to the first iteration ranking deadline. You will be able to make any updates to your application and documents. You will also be able to submit applications to any unfilled positions from first iteration so long as you are eligible, once program selection opens for the second iteration. Visit our website for the second iteration timeline here:

For more information, including ranking tips, visit our ranking and algorithm FAQ pages.


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