Do I need language exam?

International Medical Graduates must always provide some kind of proof of language proficiency. The acceptable options can differ depending on the province as well as the language of the program. Some examples of this are that some provinces may accept the TOEFL-ibt exam while other provinces do not. If applying to a French program, you will be required to provide proof of French proficiency such as the Test de Français Internationale (TFI). Attestation letters may also be an option if the language of instruction was the same as the program's language.

Canadian Medical Graduates and United States Medical Graduates who completed their medical studies in English but wish to apply to French programs, must ensure they provide proof of French language proficiency (such as the TFI) or vice versa. All applicants must review the provincial criteria to find lists of acceptable language options so they can coordinate what language documents(s) or exams(s) are needed in their applications.


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