How do I submit a document for translation?

Before you can submit a document for translation, your CaRMS Online account must be set to be bilingual in the "My Information->Personal Information" section of your CaRMS Online account. The "Both English and French" option must be selected and click Save.

This will allow you to see the Translation Requests option under the "My Documents" section.

Applicants can then request French to English or English to French translations for eligible documents. The eligible documents are the Medical Student Performance Records/Dean's Letters, Letters of reference, and Medical School Transcripts.

Once the document is in your CaRMS Online account, you will be able to request its translation.

Translated documents will be uploaded to your account in CaRMS Online, at which point payment will be requested. The presence of the translated document in your account will be noted on your translation request section as well as your Document Tracking section.



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