What is CaRMS document return policy?

Upon request, you may have all hardcopy documents you provided to CaRMS returned to you. We will only return eligible documents if the medical school to which you were matched does not request the documents for their files. We do not return documents that were uploaded or created online, or those provided by a third party source (i.e., a referee or university). We will also not return letters of reference. Applicants who request document returns but do not have eligible hardcopy documents in their file will not be issued a refund. Please ensure you have documents eligible for return before making a request.

We offer two document return services: regular return and rapid return. If you select regular return your documents are guaranteed to be returned to you within six months of your return request date. If you select rapid return, your documents are guaranteed to be returned to you within one month of your return request date. Please visit the fees page for information on applicable fees. Documents will be returned to the address provided during registration, unless otherwise indicated.


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