What is an MSPR?

The Medical Student Performance Record (MSPR), also known as a Dean’s letter, is a document describing your overall performance during medical school. Its contents may be as simple as a confirmation that you did in fact attend your medical school; other MSPRs may include more specific information. The format will vary widely between schools.

Typically, this document:

  • Reports on activities during medical school;
  • Comments on performance in clinical rotations;
  • Gives a recommendation for further medical training;
  • Reports on time spent in each specialty or department (hours or weeks).

Please note that some medical schools do not provide MSPRs.

If you are a Canadian medical school student/graduate, your MSPR must be issued by your institution.  Due to Covid-19, exceptions are being made; please review this article for more information.  If you are an International medical school student/graduate, your MSPR can be uploaded by you using your CaRMS Online account or it can be issued by your institution.

Note: all uploaded MSPRs must be in PDF format and no larger than 1.5 MB.


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