My Document was sent by my school a while ago. Why is it not appearing on my account yet?

If you do not see a document in your account after time has past since you requested it to be sent to CaRMS, there are a couple of possible reasons why your document may not have been scanned yet.

One common reason is due to the document only being submitted by your school on the document milestone as opposed to earlier. When this happens, the Documents Centre will have a larger volume of documents than usual to process. If this is the case, the Documents Centre may require up to five business days to scan your document. If your document has not been scanned after five business days from the date it was received, please email

The other reason could be that the document has been missed. If the document has not been scanned after five business days, you or your school should contact to let us know it has not been scanned to your application. If you contact us before five business days have passed we will reply asking you to contact us again when five business days have passed.


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