I am an IMG but I cannot see the Quebec program I want to apply to.

All international Medical Graduates must be pre-approved by the Collège des Médecins du Québec (http://www.cmq.org/en/nous-joindre.aspx). If you have already been approved and received an approval letter from the the CMQ, it will identify if you were approved for the "Contingent Particulier" or the "Contingent Régulier".

Contingent Particulier means you are required to apply directly to the Postgraduate Office (PGME) of the Universities. You cannot apply to programs through the CaRMS Online system. Contingent Régulier means you are to apply through the CaRMS Online system.

BCI sends us a list of applicants who are part of the Contingent Régulier and we ensure they have access to Québec programs in the system. Please contact CaRMS if you were approved for the Contingent Régulier but are still not able to see Québec programs.



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