I am an IMG but I cannot see the programs I want to apply to in the list of available programs?

Each year, we receive a list of applicants who are eligible to apply for Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec programs. In order to select these programs, you must be on the AIMG list for Alberta, the BCIMG list for BC, and the QIMG list for Quebec.


To be eligible for IMG designated positions in Alberta for the R-1 match, you must have successfully completed the AIMG Program.

For more information: https://www.aimg.ca/

The AIMG Program also offers the AIMG Clinical Assessment Placement (AIMG CAP), which is a supplementary assessment opportunity offered to a limited number of already assessed AIMG Program applicants who do not match to residency positions in a current CaRMS match. Participation is by invitation only. Invitations to apply to the CAP will be sent to eligible candidates.

For more information: https://www.aimg.ca/how-it-works/clinical-assessment-placement/


British Columbia

IMGs seeking to apply to a residency position in British Columbia are required to participate in the University of British Columbia’s Clinical Assessment Program (BCIMG CAP).

It’s open to final-year international medical students and international medical graduates who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. It’s offered in October of each year.

For more information: https://imgbc.med.ubc.ca/resource/clinical-assessment/



All international Medical Graduates must be pre-approved by the Collège des Médecins du Québec (http://www.cmq.org/en/nous-joindre.aspx). If you have already been approved and received an approval letter from the the CMQ, it will identify if you were approved for the "Contingent Particulier" or the "Contingent Régulier".

Contingent Particulier means you are required to apply directly to the Postgraduate Office (PGME) of the Universities. You cannot apply to programs through the CaRMS Online system. If you have postgraduate training in Canada or the USA (including a fellowship as defined by Québec postgraduate offices), you will be identified as being a part of the particular stream by the CMQ. Contingent Régulier means you are to apply through the CaRMS Online system.

BCI sends us a list of applicants who are part of the Contingent Régulier and we ensure they have access to Québec programs in the system. Please contact CaRMS if you were approved for the Contingent Régulier but are still not able to see Québec programs.



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