Can CaRMS send one of my documents to a program outside of the match?

CaRMS is happy to provide programs (outside of the match) with your documents upon request. Before we can do so, you must have the institution/individual send an email to to confirm that they are expecting you document(s) and that they will accept it. CaRMS can only send documents electronically using our secure transfer site. This is to ensure they are sent to the right person and security as all documents are considered to be confidential. There is an "Administrative fee" ( required in order for CaRMS to proceed with a document transfer request. You will be sent a form via email for the requester to fill out. When sending back the form by email, it is also required to include the list of documents that are to be transfered. If the recipient already has an existing transfer site account, we simply complete the transfer and notify them once it is done. If the recipient of the document(s) does not already have a transfer site account, we will create one on their behalf. When the transfer is done, we notify them and provide their login credentials. 


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