Can CaRMS send documents to a program outside of the match?

CaRMS is happy to provide programs (outside of the match) with your documents upon request. 

Before we can do so, please follow the steps.  

  1. Make a request to to have your documents transferred.
  2. Include in your email request the complete detailed list of which documents you wish to have transferred.
  3. Also include which program (s) and the contact person.
  4. You must ask the program/individual to send an email to to confirm that they are accepting your document(s).  

There is an "Administrative fee" ( required in order for CaRMS to proceed with a document transfer request. Here’s how to proceed with the payment:

  1. When you get a reply from documents accepting your document transfer request, you will be asked to call CaRMS to share your payment information.
  2. The Finance department will process your payment. When done, they will email you your receipt
  3. When the payment is processed AND the email confirmation from the program/individual is received, we will gather your documents and transfer them using our secure transfer site.
  4. We will advise the program/individual once the document is available on the transfer site. 

CaRMS can only send documents electronically using our secure transfer site. This is to ensure they are sent to the right person and security as document may contain private information. 


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