What happens if I was asked inappropriate questions during my interview?

CaRMS’ role in the residency match process is to provide a fair, objective application and matching service for entry into postgraduate medical training throughout Canada. Interviews are conducted by participating faculties of medicine.

Please refer to our match violations policy section on our website.

If an applicant would like us to act on their behalf and file a complaint, they will be required to provide the following information:
1- Names of the interviewers
2- The date and time the interview took place
3- The program and faculty of medicine
4- Outline of the complaint

CaRMS cannot provide a time frame for which a response will be received. If an applicant wishes to have an immediate reconsideration of their application for ranking by that program, they must take their complaint to the postgraduate dean of the medical school where the problem occurred without the assistance of CaRMS.


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