How can I be sure the CaRMS structure and selection process is fair?

CaRMS’ role in the residency match process is to provide a fair, objective application and matching service for entry into postgraduate medical training throughout Canada.

• Decisions regarding the policies governing the match (including eligibility and number of positions) are made by provincial bodies in conjunction with faculties of medicine.

• Decisions regarding applicant selection are made by the participating faculties of medicine.

• CaRMS is committed to working with our clients and stakeholders throughout the medical education community to identify and address problems with policies, processes and outcomes, and to leveraging our expertise and data resources to help facilitate solutions.

• CaRMS’ detailed match reports and statistics, published on our website, provide valuable data about trends in postgraduate medical education over the past several decades.

• Through CaRMS Online, our online platform, applicants complete an application, select and apply to programs, upload and assign supporting documents and rank programs in order of preference; programs review applications and rank applicants in order of preference.

• The Match Algorithm compares applicants' and programs' rank order lists and matches applicants to programs based on both parties’ stated preferences. The final preferences of applicants and programs, as indicated in their rank order lists, are what determine the match outcome.




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