I’m a current year Canadian Medical Graduate (CMG) and have transferred my future MCCQE1 exam information from physiciansapply.ca but I am receiving an error, what do I do?

Current year Canadian Medical Graduates (CMG) are not required to share that they have scheduled or taken any Medical Council of Canada (MCC) examinations in their application for the R-1 match.

If you transferred MCCQE1 exam information through the physiciansapply.ca section in your CaRMS application, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ‘’MY INFORMATION->Physiciansapply.ca transfers" section in your CaRMS Online account.
  2. Use the calendar icon to select a future MCCQE1 date (such as June 2024).
  3. Click SAVE.
  4. You will get a little pop-up explaining that the date you selected is too late to be included in the match process. This is normal, simply click the OK button

After that, all of your MCCQE Part I information will be removed from your application and you will be able to apply to programs.




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