How will the 2024 R-1 Match timeline affect those applying to both the CaRMS and the NRMP matches?

Applicants are able to participate and submit rank order lists in both the NRMP and CaRMS matches. The deciding factor on which match takes precedence is the date of match day for each match. 

The 2024 CaRMS R-1 first iteration match day will be AFTER the NRMP R-1 match day. In this case, CaRMS will withdraw applicants that matched to the NRMP. This means that applicants that prefer to try to match to CaRMS must ensure not to submit a rank order list in the NRMP. Once an applicant is matched to a program in the NRMP, the match is considered binding, and the applicant will not be able to match in CaRMS.

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