Why were changes made to the Pediatric Subspecialty Match (PSM)?

As an outcome to the implementation of Competence by Design (CBD) in general Pediatrics’ Training programs, residents must now master all pediatrics pediatric competencies of the Pediatrics specialty, in most cases prior to proceeding to any subspecialty training. For most, this translates into pediatric residents doing four years of training prior to starting their subspecialty training.

Due to the CBD implementation, PGY-3 residents in the new CBD cohort are not eligible for subspecialty training and PGY-4 residents, in the last non-CBD cohort, will not be eligible to apply for Ministry of Health-funded positions in Ontario under the current policies. The consequence of this are many subspecialty training positions potentially going unfilled in for July 2024. This is why the change was made.

For more information about this change, please consult the memorandum from the specialty committee in Pediatrics

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