How do I transfer my Identity Validity Period (IVP) from the MCC?

If available, applicants can transfer their Identity Validity Period (IVP) from to their CaRMS Online account. To share your IVP (Identity Validity Period) through the Medical Council of Canada (MCC), you must first have registered for a account, applied for your MCCQE Part I examination, and sent your documents to the MCC for them to provide your IVP to share.  

Note: the IVP only needs to be transferred once.

To transfer your IVP, you must:

1. Go to the "My Information->Examinations-> transfers" section.

2. Verify your MCC Candidate code under the "MCC Acknowledgement" tab and click the "Acknowledge" button. Your Candidate code can be found in your account, under "Identifiers".

Note: do not include the hyphen in your MCC candidate code when including it in this section.


3. Then click on the "Connect to" button.

4. You will be brought to another page and prompted to log into your account.

5. Ensure "Share your identity information" is selected to share your IVP. You can also share any examination results or scheduled exams available at the same time as sharing your IVP.

If you do not see Share your identity information section, it is not available for you to share. You can upload an accepted proof of citizenship or permanent resident status document instead. 


6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the confirm button that redirects you back to CaRMS Online.

Once you have successfully completed transferring your IVP, you will be able to see a green check mark next to "Citizenship status in Canada" under "My Information->Profile->Personal Information" section.




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