How do I allow a program to edit an already approved program description?

Throughout the match cycle, programs may be required to update their already approved program description. To do this, they will need to reach out to you, their PGME. When a program contacts you, you will need to:

  1. Log into your CaRMS Online account and select Program Descriptions under your selected match.
  2. Your list of available programs will be displayed. To allow a program to update the approved program description, move your cursor over the pencil icon in the Action column and click Request Revisions.
  3. You will be presented with a small window to input your instructions for the revisions that are required. Input your revisions and click Submit.
  4. Once the program completes the necessary edits, you can use the pencil icon in the Action column in the Program Descriptions section, and click Approve.
  5. You will receive another small window where you can expand on the updates that were made for applicants to be aware, as well as an option to notify the applicants of the changes that were made. Once finished, click on Approve.

Once the program description is approved, the updated version will be published on

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