What information should be included on my notarized or certified citizenship document?

Notarized and certified documents must include the notarization information or the entirety of the seal and signature of the individual/organization that certified the document.

Most professionals will prepare the document according to their professional practice. In all other cases, the professional must see the original document, make a photocopy of the original document, compare the original document to the photocopy, and print the following on the photocopy: “I certify this to be a true copy of the original document.” The professional must write on the photocopy the name of the original document, the date of certification, his or her name, and his or her official position or title. This person must also sign the photocopy. Applicants should not sign anywhere on the photocopy of the document.

You must upload a notarized or certified copy of your citizenship document to CaRMS Online in PDF format.

Click here for a list of professionals able to provide certification or notarization of documents.


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