I am an IMG, how do I get started?

We know the process of applying for postgraduate training in Canada can seem complex, so we have laid out some major milestones to help you prepare.

Step 1: Register on physiciansapply.ca

Physiciansapply.ca validates documents required for the licensure and certification of IMGs, maintains a repository of verified credentials and shares relevant documents with CaRMS.

Step 2: Schedule and write your Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE)

Taking the MCCEE is mandatory for registration with CaRMS. The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) offers a self-administered evaluating examination that can help you practice.

Step 3: Schedule and write the National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) examination

The National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) examination is a mandatory requirement for all international medical graduates (IMGs) applying to residency programs in all provinces.

Step 4: Register with CaRMS

CaRMS provides information on all available training programs, offers an electronic application on a web-based platform, and collects all supporting documents to help you build an electronic application portfolio. CaRMS then uses an algorithm to match applicants and programs.


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