How do I add a file reviewer?

  1. Under the match menu, select File Review Users.
  2. Check if the user is already a file reviewer and filter file review users by Program and Quota stream using the drop-down menus.
  3. Click ADD FILE REVIEWER to add a new file reviewer.
  4. Enter the users’ Email, Title, First name and Last name.
  5. Select the access level.
    1. Full access users can view, export and print applications. Full access users can also access the Reviewer notes section to include additional information about the applicant.
    2. Read only access users can view applications, with the exception of the Reviewer Notes section.
  6. Click ADD FILE REVIEWER to add the file review user. When a new user is added or an existing user’s access-level is changed, they will receive an email from CaRMS Online. If a user is deleted, no email is sent. Click CANCEL to cancel or CLEAR to clear the information entered.

Note: a reviewer’s status will remain Pending until they access the system for the first time this year, at which point it will change to Active.


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