How do I do a mass document assignment?

Assign one or more documents to multiple programs at the same time:

  1. Click MASS ASSIGNMENT on the Applications to programs page.
  2. Select the documents you wish to assign from the table on the left, then select the programs to which you wish to assign the documents from the table on the right. Click ASSIGN. Selected documents will be listed in the ASSIGNED DOCUMENTS list.
  3. Click on the checkbox in the top left corner of either table to select all documents or programs.
  4. Click CLEAR to remove selected documents and programs.
  5. Narrow the selection of documents and/or programs by entering the name of the document or program in the Search box above the appropriate table.
  6. Click on a document name to view the list of programs to which it is assigned or click on a program name to view all documents assigned to that program.
  7. Click Summary of program applications to view a summary of your document assignment(s).
  8. Return to the Applications to programs page by clicking the arrow on the left of the page.

Note: the mass document assignment function is not available after file review begins.


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