How do I participate in a match?

Before you participate in a match, ensure you are eligible. Consult the provincial criteria for your match on

Once you've registered for a CaRMS Online account and you've received your access confirmation, click the link in the email. Once you have access to your account, read the instructions and follow these steps to begin.

  1. Select the language of your application: English, French, or both English and French.
    Note: this only applies to new applicants. Also, you may modify this information in the Personal Information section of your application.
  2. Select Match Participation under MY APPLICATION.
  3. Select the match and click PARTICIPATE.
  4. Carefully read the instructions and click NEXT.
  5. Carefully review the applicant contract. Check the box and click AGREE.
  6. Enter your credit card number and expiry date. Click PROCESS TRANSACTION.

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