What do I add in Licensure?

Enter information about your license to practice medicine.

Note: any entries in this section will be reset to empty once you participate in a new match or iteration.

Canadian medical graduates (CMGs) will not usually have a medical license until they have completed their residency training and all MCC exams. Many international medical graduates (IMGs) will have a medical license from a country outside of Canada.

Note: completing all MCC exams and obtaining your LMCC certificate does not necessarily mean that you have your license to practice medicine in Canada.

To help you when attempting to fill out the licensure section, specifically what option to select in the "Current Canadian Licensure" item, here is a breakdown of the different options to choose from:

NONE: Applicants in this situation are not at all licensed to practice as physicians in any province in Canada. Most applicants (in the R-1 match) tend to select the “none” option.  Applicants who are in a residency hold a provincial postgraduate educational license/certificate but those are only for educational purposes and are not considered a Current Canadian Medical Licensure to practice medicine in Canada.

INDEPENDENT / UNRESTRICTED: Applicants in this situation would be licensed to practice as actual physicians in a particular province of Canada. IE: Ontario. So if you have a full license to practice (not for educational purposes) then this option is for you.

PROVISIONAL / RESTRICTED / SPECIAL: Very few applicants fall into this category. This is when an applicant (usually out of country) have accredited training from outside of Canada and are given a provisional license to practice until they’ve fulfilled the requirements to be a doctor in Canada.


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