How do I submit a rank order list as an individual?

  1. Under MY APPLICATION and select Rank order list (ROL).
  2. Confirm your status with the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). Click the pencil  icon next to Are you registered with the NRMP? Select No if you are not participating. Select Yes and provide your AAMC and NRMP ID if you are participating in a match this year.
  3. Rank individual programs by entering a number (where "1" is your most preferred choice) next to each program you want to match. Click SAVE DRAFT.

    : instead of entering a number to rank a program, you can drag & drop programs to move them around in your list. To drag & drop, click on the program name, and without letting go, move it (drag it) where you would like this program to go in your rank order list.
  4. Review your list and click SUBMIT to submit your ROL, then CONFIRM to finalize.
  5. Edit your submitted ROL by clicking EDIT.

Note: if you edited a submitted list you must resubmit it prior to the ROL deadline for the changes to be used in the match.

  1. Remove a program from a saved list by clicking on the garbage can icon to the right of the program name.
  2. Unsubmit an ROL at any time before the ROL deadline by clicking on UNSUBMIT.

For more information, including ranking tips, visit our ranking and algorithm FAQ pages.


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