How do I assign documents to the programs I've applied to?

  1. Under MY APPLICATION, select Applications to Programs.
  2. Under the ACTIONS column, click on the paper icon.

Note: you must assign documents to each program to which you are applying.

  1. Click Assign documents to add documents.

Note: you can only assign documents that are available in your account. Archived documents will not be listed.

  1. Select the documents you wish to add and click ASSIGN. All documents you have assigned to the program will be listed in the ASSIGNED DOCUMENTS list.
  2. Click Preview my application to view the application package that will be sent to the program.
  3. Click SUBMIT APPLICATION to submit your application to the program. Click SUBMIT to submit or CANCEL to cancel.
  4. Under the ACTIONS column, click on the printer icon to print your application. You may also access the Summary of Program Applications report to view your programs and documents assigned, and remove program applications. If you remove your application to a program, you will receive a program credit that can be used in the same match.


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