What do I add to Experience - Publications / presentations?

Enter any presentations and/or publications, which may include paid or unpaid work. To input published works within this section, you must be cited as an author or contributor.

Fill in the required fields then click SAVE.

To add multiple entries, click + Add record.

If you don't have a publication web link, we recommend you upload the corresponding abstract(s) in the Add Documents section. Posters and correspondence (e.g. email) confirming publication, may be included as supporting documents.
If you have many abstracts/posters to attach, we recommend combining them under one document file before uploading to your CaRMS account. This will help minimize the number of documents in your 'Document Tracking' section, as well as the number of documents assigned to programs.

Note: only assign a verifying document (corresponding abstract) to programs requesting them.


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