How do I create a reference request in CaRMS Online?

To create a letter of reference request in CaRMS Online, please follow these instructions:  

  1. Log into your CaRMS Online account and go to My Documents section; 
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Reference Requests
  3. Click on the + icon situated under the instructions; 
  4. Fill out the required fields and click SAVE, when complete;  
  5. Review the information you have entered and click FINALIZE (Note: a reference request cannot be edited once it has been finalized); 
  6. Click on the SEND TO REFEREE button to have the system send the request to the referee directly.

If a referee had already sent us an early letter of reference before the match opened, you must still complete the steps above numbered 1-5, but you must also complete the following additional steps:  

     7. After you finalize a request, a PRINT COVERSHEET button will appear. Click this button and a
         .PDF cover sheet including a reference request number will be generated. 

     8. You must send either the .PDF or the reference request number to CaRMS by email to We will then match it to the reference letter and upload it to your

NOTE: You are given the option to attach a CV or photo to your reference request. These documents must be in your CaRMS Online account in order to do so.


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