How do I know if I submitted my rank order list successfully?

To ensure that your Rank Order List has been submitted successfully and therefore considered in the match, go to the "My Application->Rank Order List (ROL)" section in your CaRMS Online account.

The status of your list must be "Submitted" with the date and time written in green.

Below are three possible statuses for your ROL.

  1. Saved draft 

    A saved draft contains your draft list of ranked programs. This is NOT a submitted ROL. You must submit an ROL to participate in the match. 

  2. Submitted

    A submitted ROL contains your final list of ranked programs. If you edit a submitted ROL and fail to resubmit it prior to the ROL deadline, your previously submitted ROL will be used in the match. You can edit a submitted ROL until the deadline; however, you must resubmit the edited ROL before the deadline for it to be used in the match.
  3. Not submitted

    An ROL with a status of ‘not submitted’ is not included in the match.

NOTE: We recommend that you submit your ROL well before the deadline and print it for your records.


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