What is the status of my Rank Order List ?

During the ranking period, there are three possible statuses for your ROL:

  • Saved draft 

    A saved draft contains your draft list of ranked programs. This is NOT a submitted ROL. You must submit an ROL to participate in the match. 
  • Submitted

    A submitted ROL contains your final list of ranked programs. If you edit a submitted ROL and fail to resubmit it prior to the ROL deadline, your previously submitted ROL will be used in the match. You can edit a submitted ROL until the deadline; however, you must resubmit the edited ROL before the deadline for it to be used in the match.
  • Not submitted

    An ROL with a status of ‘not submitted’ is not included in the match.

NOTE: We recommend that you submit your ROL well before the deadline and print it for your records.


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