How is the Casper test rated?

Each section in your Casper test is scored by a unique rater, making the Casper score a robust measure made up of many independent impressions of you.  Raters are assigned to a particular scenario from a Casper test and provided with relevant instructions and background knowledge about the topic at hand. Once prepared, raters are served responses from one scenario and multiple different applicants to rate.  It’s important to note that no rater will ever score an applicant more than once.  As such, an applicant’s final score is always comprised of 12 unique rater impressions.  This allows us to dilute any bias that one rater’s subjectivity may bring to the table.

Raters are trained to ignore test-taker errors in spelling and grammar.

Each rater completes a training session and accreditation before they are permitted to score Casper responses. Your responses are anonymized, so a rater does not know who you are, or how well you’ve done on any other section of the test.

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