How do I approve rank order lists?

To approve rank order lists (ROL):

  1. Under the match menu, go to "Program Management – Rank order list (ROL) management".
  2. Click the mceclip0.png icon to approve a program's ROL.
    Note: this icon will only be available if the program has submitted their ROL.

From this page, you can also mceclip1.pngVIEW ROL for each program as well as mceclip2.pngEDIT ROL if need be.

If the program rank order list deadline has not yet passed, you can also mceclip3.pngRETURN ROL TO PROGRAM if you require the program to make any changes.

At the bottom of the page, there is a DOWNLOAD INTEGRATED ROL TEMPLATE button. This button will allow you to download (export) a CSV file which lists all candidates that have applied to the selected program. Selecting multiple programs at once will export a CSV file that includes all candidates that have applied to these programs, integrated in the same spreadsheet; regardless of how many sites the applicants have applied to, they will only be listed once on the integrated spreadsheet. For further information: How do I use one spreadsheet to update rank order lists for multiple program sites?


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