Do I need to create a specific record for my non-medical school transcript if it is included in my medical school transcript?

Two options are available if your medical school transcript includes your undergraduate and/or graduate transcript:

  1. Simply assign your medical school transcript to the programs where you will be applying.

  2. Create a separate document placeholder for the undergrad and/or graduate transcript under "My Documents - Add Documents". Then, save a copy of your medical school transcript including the undergrad/graduate transcript to this new placeholder (step-by-step instructions below).
    In this scenario, you will be assigning the same document twice, however it makes the distinction clearer for the program reviewing your application.

To upload your medical transcript, which has your undergraduate and/or graduate transcript, to another placeholder, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your ‘Document tracking’ section;
  2. Click on the highlighted "Medical School Transcript" to view the document. Once the document is open, download and save it as PDF;
  3. Go to "My Documents - Add Documents" and fill in the associated information;
  4. Select ‘Upload document’ as the attachment method;
  5. Click on 'Choose File' and find the PDF you saved earlier;
  6. Click the 'Upload' button.


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