When is the documents submission deadline for Undergraduate Offices?


Medical schools who must submit a Medical Student Performance Record (MSPR)/Dean’s Letter or a Medical School Transcript should ensure that these documents arrive at CaRMS prior to the match’s translation request deadline.

Receiving a document prior to the translation request deadline will provide enough time for the documents to be uploaded into the applicant’s account. Applicants can only request the translation of a document once the document has been uploaded into their account.

We will still accept and upload MSPRs and Medical School transcripts after the translation request deadline. However, translation requests submitted by the applicants after this deadline are not guaranteed to be completed before the beginning of the file review period.
Any documents, including translations, submitted once the file review period has started, will be marked late.

If you plan on submitting or sending documents close to or after the translation request deadline, we recommend that you advise applicants as this will affect any translation requests they intend to make.


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