How do I upload an MSPR/Transcript for one of our students from my UG Portal account?

To upload an MSPR and/or transcript, please follow these steps:

1. Once you first log in, click on "Class List" at the top left side - this will bring you to the list of applicants from your school;

2. In the list, go to the right-hand column called "Edit" and choose the pencil icon - this will open a pop-up with the applicant information and a list of documents containing the transcript and MSPR;

3. Select one of the documents by clicking on it (the row will turn a light green) and then select the pencil icon on the right, right beside the "+" sign. When you hover over the icon, you'll see that it says "Update" - a new pop-up will appear;

4. In this new pop-up, you'll be asked to choose the file from your computer. Please note, this file has to be a PDF document. Once chosen, click on the "Upload" button;

5. Once you've repeated this process for the other document, click on the "Save" button above the document list to complete the upload process.


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