What are the different columns in my document tracking page on CaRMS Online?

The document tracking section is where you will find a list of your document portfolio. It includes a search box (to rapidly find documents), a "Current Documents" tab where you can view, replace or delete active documents from your account and an "Archived Documents" tab where you can archive documents you are not using.

There are six explanatory columns in the document tracking section:

  1. Document: indicates the type of document
  2. Title: in some cases, the title is created by the applicant and in others generated by the system.It is the case for reference letters, MSPR’s, transcripts and examinations (MCC, CASPer, etc.…)
  3. ID: each document has a unique ID generated by the system that enables rapid identification when inquiring about a document
  4. Language: shows the abbreviated language of the existing document
  5. Status: this column indicates the status of a document on your account. Please refer to this Help Centre article for a complete breakdown of each statuses
  6. Date: indicates the last date the document was modified. If no date appears, the document is not available on your account
  7. Actions: you will find different icons in this column. The pencil icon edit_icon.jpg enables you to replace or edit a document when selected. In turn, the box with an arrow icon archive_icon.jpg allows you to archive a document you are not using without deleting it. (You can restore an archived document, under the “Archived Documents” tab by locating the document you wish to restore and selecting the backwards clock icon under the "Actions" column. The document will then be moved back to your list of Current documents)
  8. Delete: to delete a document select the trash can icon delete_icon.jpg then “delete”. Only documents that you uploaded yourself onto your account can be deleted.

Note: Only documents with hyperlinked titles can be viewed. You cannot view reference materials, Casper results or CAP assessments.


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