What are the different document statuses in my document tracking section?

There are several different statuses that can appear in the ‘Status’ column. Here are the different statuses explained:

  • Check-mark icon green_checkmark.jpg: The document was submitted and no further action is required.
    • If the title is hyperlinked, you can click the link to preview the document. Note that reference documents are confidential and cannot be viewed. 

  • Exclamation point icon blue_exclamation_point.jpg: Reference request was created or finalized, however:
    • Further action is required to send to referee.
    • If you did not provide an email address in the request, this icon will only change once the reference document has been submitted.

  • Clock icon yellow_clock.jpg: Waiting for the document to be provided to us or it is still in progress. 
    • If the document was sent to CaRMS from a third party, it is still being processed by our team.
    • If the document was a translation request, the translation is still in progress.
    • If you uploaded the document, and it is still being scanned for viruses. 
  • "X" icon red_x.jpg: No document available.
    • If the document is a reference request, the request was discarded by your referee.
    • If you uploaded the document, it may contain a virus and cannot be previewed; we recommend uploading a different version of the document


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