What are the different document statuses in my document tracking section?

There are several different statuses that can appear in the ‘Status’ column. Here are the different statuses explained:

  • Check-mark icon green_checkmark.jpg: The document was submitted and no further action is required. If the title is hyperlinked, you can click the link to preview the document.
  • Exclamation point icon blue_exclamation_point.jpg: Reference request was created or finalized, however further action is required to send to referee. If you did not provide an email address in the request, this icon will only change once the reference document has been submitted.
  • Clock icon yellow_clock.jpg: Waiting for the document to be provided to us.
    If the document was sent by mail, it will also need to be processed by our Documents department.
    If the document was a translation request, then this icon indicates the translation is in progress.
    If you uploaded the document, then it is being scanned for viruses.
  • "X" icon red_x.jpg: No document available.
    If the document is a reference request, then the request was discarded by your referee.
    If the document was to be transferred from your physiciansapply.ca account, then the transfer was canceled.
    If you uploaded the document, it may contain a virus and cannot be previewed; we recommend uploading a different version of the document.


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