Participating in the Post-match Process

The post-match process (PMP) opens for postgraduate (PG) offices after the second iteration match day of the R-1 Match, as well as after the FM/ES match. At this time, PG offices will be able to indicate which programs, if any, they wish to participate in the PMP and the number of positions available. Programs with unfilled positions are not included by default – PG offices will need to specifically participate a program they wish to be included in the PMP.

Program descriptions for participating programs will be automatically approved. Programs can modify their program description if PG offices return the description for updates when the post-match process opens. 

To update the list of programs participating in the post-match process in CaRMS Online:

  1. Under the match menu, select Program Management - Match Participation.
  2. Check the program(s) you would like to participate.

Program descriptions for all programs participating in the PMP will be displayed on our website for applicants to review according to the PMP R-1 timetable and PMP FM/ES timetable.

To modify the number of positions for participating programs:

  1. Select Quota Management under Program Management
  2. View and edit quota for participating programs.

Quota can be added or removed throughout the process and will be displayed on program descriptions on our public website. Adding quota is not necessary to allow applicants to apply.


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