Why are we integrating of BPAS principles into CaRMS Online?

In 2013, a Best Practices in Application and Selection (BPAS) report was published following the completion of a comprehensive literature review and environmental scan intending to inform the ongoing evolution of selection processes in PGME. Subsequently, the Association of Faculties of Medicine in Canada (AFMC) has endorsed the report and its recommendations for implementation. 

From that report, a number of opportunities were identified as possible areas of enrichment in which CaRMS may help support the BPAS initiative via CaRMS Online. 

Following the PG deans meeting at CCME in April 2017, at the request of PG deans, CaRMS created the BPAS Working Group to help implement the identified BPAS recommendations and provide input and direction on how the CaRMS processes, and specifically CaRMS Online, could be used to support the BPAS principles and practices. 


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