What do I need to know about how my application data is shared with the UBC Faculty of Medicine?

If you are not a graduate of the University of British Columbia's Faculty of Medicine (UBC FoM) and do not match to UBC, your data will not be shared. Only UBC FoM graduates and applicants matched to UBC will have their data shared.

The data will be used for the purpose of:

  • monitoring residency admissions on postgraduate medical training for UBC undergraduate medical school graduates
  • monitoring the cohorts of residents in family medicine and specialties entering postgraduate medical training at UBC
  • producing various aggregated (non-identifying) statistics, as needed

If you consent, your data is only shared after Match Day, so your choice will have no impact on your application or match results.

You can make changes to your consent within your CaRMS Online account "MY APPLICATION - Match Participation" section, up until the ROL deadline of the match you are participating in.


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