Why are program descriptions posted on carms.ca immediately after approval?

Once a program description is submitted by a program director or administrator and it is approved by the PGME office, it will be posted to carms.ca immediately. 

This is due to the following reasons:

    • Previously, external viewers only had access to the previous year’s descriptions (if available) up until the opening of CaRMS Online for applicants. This meant that applicants, in the months leading up to this opening, would have access to:
      • Potentially incorrect contact information;
      • Potentially erroneous and incorrect information regarding requirements by the program; 
    • External viewers wouldn't be able to view participating programs for the current match:
      • Not all programs participate every year, so viewers might erroneously think a program was participating or not participating in a given year. 

Note: if a program description is not yet approved, there is a link that lets applicants see the previous year’s description if they participated in the previous year. 


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