I have a large applicant pool, is there a way to update multiple statuses at once?

To update interview offer statuses for multiple applicants at once:

1.  Log into your CaRMS Online account and select Interview Offer Status under your match.

2.  Click on the program(s) where you wish to update interview statuses.

3. Ensure you've saved your message to applicants that will be 'Selected for interview'.

4. Click on the BULK CHANGE button, then download a list of your applicants by clicking on the DOWNLOAD CSV button or use a local list you may have been using during your file review processes.

When you are making bulk updates, it is extremely important that the headers in the document you are using are listed as follows:

  • CaRMS ID
  • interview status

If you download the CVS file from CaRMS Online, the headers are automatically listed accurately. You will notice that there will be an extra header with the applicant name listed. This column is not  necessary for the upload, but simply a way for you to be able to identify the applicant by name. 

5. Update the interview statuses within the file ('selected', 'not selected', or 'waitlisted')

6. Save it as a CSV file on your computer

7.  In the Interview Offer Status page of your account, Click on the BULK CHANGE button

8.  Click on the CHOOSE FILE button and select your file.

9.  Click on the VALIDATE button and ensure the changes you are making are correct.

10.  Click on the APPLY CHANGES button;

11.  Click the "Save changes" button.


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