Our program already has a process in place for advising applicants of an interview offer and a scheduling tool, do I have to also use this tool?

Recognizing that some programs may have their own processes in place regarding interview offers and scheduling, we want to ensure we are not infringing on your current processes. 

The purpose of this tool is so that applicants can be aware of what to expect and from which programs. (a heads up). This is a tool that was put into place at the request of Postgraduate deans and must be completed prior to sending out official interview invitations. Any regular internal system used to notify applicants regarding interviews remains unchanged, but the step of completing their status within the Interview Offer Status tool must be done first. 

*Note: The interview period for the Medicine Subspecialty Match (MSM) begins days after file review opening, therefore we encourage that interview offer statuses be updated throughout the interview period.


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