Can I use a translation service outside of CaRMS?

CaRMS' translation services are not obligatory. Documents can be translated using a translation service outside of CaRMS. We do not keep a list of translation companies.

Please note that it is your responsibility to coordinate the translation of your documents with the translation service provider you choose and to ensure that documents are submitted to CaRMS by the specified deadline for the match.

Medical Student Performance Record (MSPR)

If you’re a CMG : 

  • You can download a copy of your MSPR from your CaRMS Online account once it has been submitted by your faculty and send it to your chosen translation service provider. Once translated, your translation service provider will need to email the translated MSPR (in PDF) to and MUST include your name as well as your CaRMS ID.

If you're an IMG/USMG: 

  • Once your document has been translated, your translation service provider will send you the document and you then upload your translated MSPR directly to your CaRMS account. 

Reference documents (Letters of reference and Applicant support forms)

If you plan to have your reference documents translated through your own translation services, we do recommend that you coordinate with your reference provider beforehand to ensure they are able to coordinate this on your behalf.  CaRMS is unable to facilitate the process for external translations. 

Here are the steps to follow: 

1.  You will have to create two reference requests in your CaRMS Online account for the same reference; one for an English reference and one for a French reference.

  • In your requests, you have the ability to add instructions for your referee. We recommend you explain the requirement fully and their next steps:
    • The referee must first complete one reference for you in one language (in the language that you have communicated for them to complete it in), and then upload the completed reference document within their own CaRMS Online account to complete the request for one language. 
    • The referee must then send their completed reference document to a translation service provider that you have chosen, communicated with, and arranged services prior to them receiving the document from the referee. 

2. Once the translation has been completed by the translation service, they will require further instruction from you, the applicant, as to where to send the translation document.

There are two options: 

  • Return the translated reference document to the the referee who sent it where they are instructed to upload the translated reference document directly in their CaRMS Online account under the second request you have created; or
  • The translation service emails the document to clearly highlighting your CaRMS ID, your name and Reference Request ID. Note: CaRMS cannot guarantee that reference documents sent via e-mail on the day of the application deadline will be uploaded on time for file review. 

Structured Reference Letters (Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine)

  1. Applicant must create two Reference Requests for the SRL (one French, one English) so that they each have a placeholder.
  2. Referee completes the form inline as usual (if filled out by hand, we cannot guarantee programs will accept it).
  3. Referee prints their submitted SRL to PDF from their CaRMS account. Note: CaRMS Online doesn’t have a PRINT button but the Referee can right-click their mouse to print a PDF copy from there.
  4. Referee sends completed printed PDF along with the Fillable PDF of the opposite language to the external translator
  5. External translator completes the Fillable PDF form based on the Referees version. Note: Translations must include a stamp/seal confirming they were completed by an official translator.
  6. Once translation is done, the referee or translator (both accepted) must email the translation, along with the original language copy, to
  7. Documents department at CaRMS uploads the translation into appropriate placeholder.

The CaRMS Documents department will not notify applicants because they can view the status themselves from the Document Tracking section. However, they will close the loop with either the Translator or Referee to confirm it’s been uploaded, and no further action is required. NOTE: We will do our best to upload any external translations that are emailed to, but we cannot guarantee its upload before the submission deadline as we will be prioritizing the translations that were completed via our own translation service.


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