Can I use a translation service outside of CaRMS?

CaRMS' translation services are not obligatory. Documents can be translated using a translation service outside of CaRMS. We do not keep a list of translation companies.

Please note that it is your responsibility to coordinate the translation of your documents with the translation service provider you choose and to ensure that documents are submitted to CaRMS by the specified deadline for the match.

Medical school transcript and Medical Student Performance Record (MSPR)

Once your documents have been translated, your translation service provider is required to email the documents directly to CaRMS at Please ensure that your name and CaRMS ID number is included in the email.

If you’re a CMG, you can either coordinate with your Undergraduate office to have your MSPR sent directly to a translation service or you can download a copy of your MSPR once it has been submitted to your ‘Document Tracking’ section.

Reference documents

For reference documents, you are required to create a placeholder in your account in order for the translated reference letter to be uploaded. This generated coversheet MUST be sent to your translation service provider and they MUST include the coversheet when they email the translated reference documents to

International Medical Graduates

If you are an International Medical Graduate (IMG), you can upload your translated documents into your account yourself except for reference documents which follow the same procedure set out above.


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