Can I use a translation service outside of CaRMS?

CaRMS' translation services are not obligatory. All documents can be translated using a translation service outside of CaRMS.

We do not keep a list of translation companies.

This process can vary as it depends on the document and if you're an International (IMG) or Canadian (CMG) medical graduate.


  • Medical school transcript and Medical Student Performance Record (MSPR) / Dean's letter
    If you're a CMG, you will need to have your school send these documents directly to a translator. Check with your undergraduate medical education office to find out if they can provide you with assistance. Once translated, they will need to be sent directly to CaRMS.
    If you're an IMG, you can upload these documents directly to your CaRMS account. Therefore, you can send this document to a translation company and have it sent back to you.

  • Reference documents
    These documents can not be sent/uploaded by applicants. Applicants will need to coordinate with their reference provider concerning the translation. The translated document would need to be sent to us directly by either the translation company or referee.

  • Other documents
    All other documents can be uploaded directly to your account by yourself. After the document is translated, simply upload it by going to "My Documents - Add Documents".


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