What do I need to know if I'm applying to both English and French programs?

If you wish to submit applications to both French and English programs, CaRMS Online allows you to control which program(s) receive French or English applications and documents.

What you need to know:

  • Your CaRMS Online language settings
    The application language on your CaRMS Online account must be set to both English and French before you can complete any other bilingual functions.

  • Filling out your application information
    Each section under “My Information” will have an English tab and a French tab. You are responsible for filling out both languages yourself for every entry you include as they are not translated automatically by CaRMS. This needs to be completed before you're able to apply to programs.

  • Your document language

    When attaching a document to your account, you’re able to choose whether it’s in English or French. If you need a document in both languages, you will need to create a second entry for it. Some exceptions that don’t require placeholders in both languages are the citizenship and photo documents. You only need one placeholder for these and any language you choose will be accepted.

For any application and document language requirements, please refer to the program descriptions of your match.

Visit the Applicants — Translation section for more information pertaining to the translation process for applicants.


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