I just got a notification that the MCC is making updates to my QEI examination results documents. Do I have to re-share my document?

DECEMBER 2 - 2019

CaRMS has been notified of a small typographical error within your QEI Statement of Results.

The error is as found within this sentence:

“The mean and SD were set using the results from the April 2019 session”

This sentence should read 2018 not 2019.

The MCC will be re-issuing the documents due this small error. As file review has already begun for the 2020 R-1 match, and the candidate scores and status are unaffected by this, you do not need to re-transfer the updated documents.

The previously transferred documents will remain in your CaRMS Online account until you participate in another iteration or match. Retaining the older documents will not affect your CaRMS application, as the template error did not affect your MCCQE Part I result.



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